Norpass Inn
The wind whips ice cold here, and the white out conditions are sure to catch a wary traveler wandering off the trail. Here among the cliffs, steep canyons and sharp rocks below one wrong step could end you. As the snow crusts to your face you smell the faint all too familiar smell of a wood fire burning. Could it be? Is that a building you see ahead? Situated high up in the northern pass of the Shadow Mountains is the Norpass Inn. A three story structure that seems to have stood the test of time and elements if not for its rock facade and sturdy construction. Inside you find travelers of all types and those willing to brave the pass during the winter. A glowing hearth greets you and fills your soul with warmth for the first time in days. Travelers are helping themselves to basking in the warmth, games of cards, and the tasty ale and food freshly prepared. Up stairs sits a number of rooms that can be rented per day along with a bath to wash off the mud and ice of the road.
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